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"Let Me Help You Get Your Avatar Done With Hands-On Help From My Exclusive Avatar Expert Coaches - Personally Trained And Vetted By Me... And All In Just 2 Hours!"

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From: Jim Edwards— Sales Copy Expert and Inventor of The Avatar Wizard
RE: Get Your Avatar Dialed In, Never Worry About It Again
Hey There Amazing Wizard/Script User!
Since you already know how awesome Funnel Scripts, Content Marketing Scripts, The Jim Edwards Method, Traffic Secrets Scripts, or Fill My Webinar Scripts are—you know the single, most important step is for you to get your Avatar done so you can plug it into the scripts and create dynamic sales copy and content.
In fact…

Having An Expertly Curated Avatar Is Like The “Cheat Codes” For All My Wizards and Scripts... It Unlocks Your Next Level Of Sales Copy And Content Creation!

Think about it like this... when your avatar is done, everything else is ready to use! It’s like magic for your sales copy and content (which is why we call them wizards).
Let me ask you a question…
What if you could spend just two hours with one of my expert Avatar Coaches—all of whom have been carefully selected and trained directly by me, the man who invented the avatar wizard?
Think about what it would feel like to have your avatar not just done, but expertly crafted with the help of someone who specializes in this one thing
This means that by the end of 2 hours with one of our amazing team members, your avatar will be completely finished and ready to plug-and-play into any and all of the powerful scripts and wizards you already have access to!
But wait a minute…
Let my team help you get your avatar DONE!
Why would I need to create an offer to help people get their avatars done?
Why would that be something “extra” as opposed to just filling out the avatar and moving on with life?
Truth be told, we get emails and notes into the help desk from people who say something to the effect of…

“Jim. I love the Avatar tools, but I still don’t know who my avatar really is or what they want.”

I remember what it's like to struggle! 
I get it. I understand why they’re tired. But actually, they do understand who their avatar is.... they just need a little extra help to get it done. :)
Because I’m so passionate about people getting the help they need, I wanted to create a solution to this problem—a safe place where overworked entrepreneurs and business owners can finally get their avatars done and plugged in to their sales copy and content.
They just need an expert to come alongside them and ask them the right questions to help them define the important details about the people who really need their expertise. 
That’s where my team comes in...

Discover How You Can Connect With Your Dream Clients Faster And Better Than Ever With Your Expertly Created Avatar

So…what happens once your avatar is done?
First, you’ll know your audience better than they know themselves! 
With over 50+ data points, that means you’ll know what motivates them, gets them to buy, try, and sign up! You’ll know exactly what their hot buttons are.
Then, with your fully-formed avatar, you’ll be able to connect with your audience so that you can influence, persuade, and help them like never before!
Next, you’ll finally have the “magic key” that unlocks virtually all of my time-tested scripts and wizards that will level up your entire business! 
Look at the list of how many scripts/wizards sets this magic key unlocks…
  • Funnel Scripts
  • The Jim Edwards Method
  • Content Marketing Scripts
  • ​Fill My Webinar Scripts
  • Traffic Secrets Scripts
  • ​And Many Others!
The Avatar holds the key to everything!!
Now, you’ll have your own unique avatar based on the people you love to serve that will unlock the potential of all these scripts and wizards at once!
Imagine what it will feel like to get your content and copy created 100 times faster than doing it on your own from scratch!

Are you ready to level up your copy forever?

But maybe you’re wondering, “Jim, exactly who will this offer help? How do I know it’s the right fit for me?”
Well, it’s for you if you’ve ever thought…

“I wish someone would give me a hand with my avatar so I can finally…”

Some folks just need a little extra help!
  • Know my avatar is expertly dialed in based on the people I love to serve
  • Finally build momentum inside my business with the offers I’ve developed but don’t yet sell
  • Get all my sales letters and content generated with the amazing scripts I already have access to
  • ​Make sure my content matches my mission based on the people I want to help
  • Feel confident that I’m targeting the right audience
If you’ve ever said or thought anything like that, then this is your chance to have my awesome team help youLIVE and in person via Zoom.
Normally, our fees start at $3,000 an hour/$24,000 a day (8 hours) to work with us one on one (if there are even available spaces in our schedule).
But because I want every business owner who has been struggling with their avatar to have access to the help they need, you won’t have to pay the $12,000 it would cost to have my team for an afternoon. You won’t even pay half that…or half that!
You’ll be able to spend 2 hours getting everything you need with your avatar dialed in - with a member of my expertly assembled team - so that you have a custom-curated, skillfully-designed avatar!

You’ll Leave The Meeting With Your Complete, Unique Avatar…Along With My Team’s Expert Feedback

Here’s the truth—we only have a few spots available right now.
It’s going to be my team teaching you and helping you get this done, giving you feedback and answering your questions each step of the way.
But only if you sign up right now
Here’s the deal—I expect these time slots to sell out almost immediately (last time I made a similar offer, we sold out before the email even finished sending to my list). So, my advice would be to jump on this today!
But don’t take my word for how awesome your business can be once your offer is dialed in…

See What Two Of Our Private Avatar Coaching Clients Had To Say

The Shockleys saw instant results after working with us to create their custom avatar!
🤯 WOW Jim! 🤯
Thank you SO SO much for putting together Private Avatar Coaching!! Our business will be forever changed.
One of the biggest struggles we’ve had for years was dialing in our Avatar.
It’s THE thing that everything in business operates around, but we have always struggled to really nail down. Without it, it’s like you’re throwing darts blindly at a target.
We’ve attempted to create our own avatar, but never have felt confident in what we came up with.
Being able to go through the Private Avatar Coaching with Jim’s team has been a game changer for us.
One of the aspects we enjoyed most was being able to talk out loud through the process with Jim’s team, able to bounce different ideas off them and come up with better ways to communicate what we were trying to say was absolutely priceless!
Another big win for us was actually making the time for getting our avatar hammered out.
Being entrepreneurs with a lean team means we all wear many hats and have so many irons in the fire. Getting our avatar done has been on the top priority list, yet we’ve never made the time to get it done—due to the day’s responsibilities.
Being able to have a time scheduled with the team made us make time and kept us accountable.
We’re looking forward to being able to easily upload our avatar into any of the updated scripts and wizards for an awesome time-saving shortcut to the final product. We literally have zero excuses for getting things done now!
PLUS!! Having our avatar dialed in is going to help catapult forward every other aspect of our business—in the direction we’ve merely been dreaming about until now.
We highly recommend everyone go through the Private Avatar Coaching!!
Thank you so much again!
The Shockley Crew

When It Comes To Your Avatar—You Don’t Have to Second-Guess Or Procrastinate Because You’re Nervous Anymore

Now You’ll Be Able To Get Individualized Coaching And Expert Help To Create Your Avatar In Just 2 Hours

Here’s how it works—Easy as 1-2-3
1) You meet one-on-one on a LIVE Zoom call with one of my Coaches who specialize in avatar creation. Someone who was specially trained by me on how to think about and help you dial in your avatar.
2) Your Avatar Coach will walk you step by step through completing and dialing in your entire avatar with customized feedback and YOUR questions answered all in real time.
3) After you’ve finished, we will put your unique avatar through my personal “stress test”! That means we’ll take your expertly curated avatar and run it through specific scripts, live, to make sure it works and your avatar will get you the best results.

Act Now, And Get The Following Exclusive Bonuses

Since we know your business will improve instantly if you act right away, we want to sweeten the deal and give you every possible reason to say YES today!
If you respond immediately, you’ll also get these amazing bonuses...

Bonus #1—Discover Your “Who”

Who Is My Who
Total Value: $297
Have you ever heard someone say “Who is your ideal customer?” only to feel confused and frustrated.
It’s a question that is easy to ask but sometimes difficult to answer. Well, not anymore.
I constantly get asked, “Who should I pick as my niche audience, Jim?”
And the response I always give is, “First, you need to ask yourself why does your who matter?”
The truth is, if you don’t know WHO you’re targeting and why, everything else falls apartFAST!
Ads. Content. Sales letters. Speeches. Facebook lives. Trainings. Emails.
NONE of them work if you don’t know WHO your ideal customer is, and WHY you want to serve them!

Bonus #2—Exclusive Avatar Secrets Masterclass

Secrets Of The Avatar
Total Value: $1997
Our 5-part intensive training will show you exactly why some people dominate the market with lightning speed (while others struggle for years and never figure out the secret to making their businesses work).
This masterclass breaks down our time-tested process so that you know each step to “crack the code” based on the truth about your ideal customer.
This masterclass will teach you exactly how to create an avatar based on what drives your dream customer to buy, try, click, and sign up!
So, what’s the payoff? You’ll learn to understand the audience better than they even understand themselves!
With what you learn, you’ll be able to impact, influence, and persuade your audience and tribe like never before!

Bonus #3—Plug And Play Social Media Script 

Warm Up Your Social Media Audience In Just 5 Days
Total Value: $1497
With this exclusive script, you can use your newly curated avatar to create a 5-day social media sequence that will move your audience quickly through the know, like, and trust phases.
This proven method helps them understand why your offer alone provides the help they need.
You will only ever see this offer once, and it's on this page! Sign up today to make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Ready To Know Your Avatar’s Deepest Needs? Don’t Wait.

Openings Are Extremely Limited
Register Now Before All The Time-Slots Are Gone!

Total Value: $24,000

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This is your chance to get your avatar expertly calibrated…to know your customers better than they know themselves!
With your avatar done, imagine how you’ll be able to sell, motivate, persuade, and connect like never before
Think about how it will feel to finally have this done—which means you can increase sales and skyrocket subscriptions!
Stop struggling to connect and start getting results, now, that will make a huge difference in your business.
Sign Up Today!
Your Business-Growth Advocate,
Jim Edwards
P.S. YES! It’s true! You really will leave the coaching session with your avatar DONE!
P.P.S. YES! You will really get to work with one of my expert Avatar Coaches who was trained by ME, LIVE!
Don’t wait! Sign up now!
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